Wall-Pie Space Education and Technology is an organization with a visionary mission to educate the future generation of space-faring nations and prepare children to be part of the space-ready workforce. They aim to achieve this by providing enriching learning experiences that promote innovative thinking and creativity, using cutting-edge technology and space exploration resources to make space and deep tech education accessible to all.

The board of Wall-Pie comprises individuals with impressive credentials and diverse expertise:

1. Dr. James Green: A distinguished American physicist and former chief scientist for NASA. He has made significant contributions in space physics, data systems, and networks. With extensive experience in various leadership roles at NASA, Dr. Green has been a key figure in planetary missions and discoveries.

2. Wasim Ahmed: Serving as the Chief Executive Officer at MetaVisionaries, Wasim Ahmed leads a community focused on granting access to the space economy and frontier technologies. With involvement in other ventures like MEDLRN and recognition as a member of the Forbes Business Council, Wasim brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience.

3. Dr. Steven Fantozzi: With a background in international finance and tax planning, Dr. Fantozzi has managed complex financial transactions for global institutions. His experience in tax and treasury planning at prominent companies like Genentech, along with legal qualifications, adds expertise in financial strategy.

4. Eduardo Furlaneto: Formerly a part of Inmarsat, a commercial satellite company, Eduardo Furlaneto specialized in creating interactive and educational experiences for a diverse audience. Currently residing in Southern Italy, he remains engaged in projects, writing a book, and supporting Wall-Pie Space initiatives.

Together, this diverse board embodies a commitment to space education and technology, reflecting their passion for fostering the next generation's interest and participation in the space industry.